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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hi Everyone!!
I hope you all had a peaceful and positive Thanksgiving. I have a few updates for all of you:
--The March is a definite go! It is on Saturday December 10th, from 3-5PM.  This is a change from the previous time of 12-2, but from here on out it is a definite 3-5PM. 
--I spoke to Garden City Officials and we do not need a permit, as long as we stay on the sidewalk!
--I have 3 tentative routes planned, and I'm hopeful to have the route finalized by Wednesday or Thursday. As soon as I finalize the route I will send another update.
--I will have 3 flyers out by this Friday for you to share with your organization. Also,  I've created a Facebook event link, and it is
Okay, with this, I would like to share one thing with all of you:
Last week I learned of La Disparition, a 300-page novel by the 20th-century French writer, Georges Perec. The novel tells a riveting but odd story, and the feature which makes the story odd, is that through-out all 300-pages of the novel, Perec does not use the letter “e”. When Perec first published his novel, it was viewed by critiques as a demonstration of his genius (he was already renowned for his genius, when, for example, he wrote a wrote a 1,000 world palindrome). Much to the contrary, however, Perec later wrote a novel with the main theme being the devastation that comes with losing family, and at the beginning of the book, Perec wrote the following dedication: “pour E”. The pronunciation of “E” in French is “eux”, and “eux” in French means “them”. This then causes many scholars to draw the following connection: Perec lost his entire family during the Holocaust, and the absence of “e” in La Disparition—and the extreme discomfort which comes from seeing a novel with no “e” in it—is a direct reflection of how much is lost and how uncomfortable it is to live without family and loved ones. Perec showed us what it is like to live with out “them”, and he did so in a way that is in front of our very eyes. 
This election has been a lot of things. People from across the spectrum right now are fearing for themselves, and for their own “eux”. On the 10th, I am bringing us together in defense of “eux”, and I truly hope you and your organization can join us.
That's it for this email, I will keep you updated with everything as we go. Thank you all for your support; I hope we'll come together soon.
Yours In Solidarity,
Brian Stanley

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