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Thursday, July 21, 2016


For this extra credit assignment in Women’s Studies 101, students were asked to read Marge Piercy’s poem My Heroines and write a poem in tribute to a person they admire, keeping in mind that Piercy intentionally writes her tribute to  ordinary women often overlooked for their contributions.—Prof. McNair

My Heroes
by Maddison Levine (2016) 
I began to write a thank you to the heroines in my life who show that women
can do the unimaginable:  They can conquer, they can win, and they can just be,
but what about the men we owe a thank you to? There are men who get angry and use violence to calm themselves down. There are men who continuously exert their social dominance over women in a society where that is no longer the norm. There are men who believe that women’s only role is within the household and nothing beyond.
But there are other men:
There are men who applaud women in the public sphere.
There are men who love their wives unconditionally and would do anything to see them happy and succeed.
There are men who wouldn’t even think twice before laying a finger on their wives.
I worry that too often we criticize and condemn men, simplifying their gender under one umbrella.
But that is not the case.
It’s the man who kisses his wife as she leaves for work,
The man who hires a woman to be his next partner at one of the biggest law firms in NY,
The man who cares.
It those men who are my hero’s, and those men we need to thank.
So thank you for caring,
Thank you for allowing us to be the people we are.
Thank you for being different.

Heroines and Heroes

by Olivia Bologna

To the men and women across seas,

in the countries being seized

it's these heroes whom we count on.

The ones in uniform

and the ones who train with effort

to protect the country they love.

To the families they barely see,

and the families who have lost loved ones,

for they are the heroes too.

The families do not get recognition for their strength

and their ability to support their fighting loved one.

Many of us forget war is always occurring,

and men and women are always protecting.

Only on the days reserved to mourn and remember,

do we think of all they have done.

So to those heroes who protect us every day,

and their families who move along with their lives,

without their loved one.

God bless the fighters and families.

Remember who is always protecting this country,

and the people around you.

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