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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hi Friend,

We care about violence against women–and we know you do, too. But until this summer, we didn't know what we wanted to DO about it.

In Breakthrough's pilot catalyst training, we learned how to use the skills we ALREADY have, in the communities we care about, to drive the change we need. Now it's your turn–and it's FREE!

Join Breakthrough's next community catalyst training, October 15-16, and learn how you can create change.

Celia here: Honestly, this training was life-changing. It opened my eyes to how pervasive this issue is throughout our society, and how we have to stop letting the ‘little things go’ that perpetuate attitudes and actions that can lead to violence and discrimination against women. I am now motivated and equipped to take action.

And as for me, Peter: Breakthrough's training showed me in simple and powerful ways that many of the beliefs I held about gender violence were inaccurate and got in the way of my making a difference in my community. I learned how I can have an impact not only in the moment, but also on the system. I have become more effective in my anti-racism and consulting work and am writing more directly about violence and gender.

Apply for Breakthrough's next training:
DISCOVER your power to drive culture change.
LEARN about the norms that drive violence and affect us all.
USE the skills you already have to make a difference in your community.
JOIN the Breakthrough Generation, and plan your next steps for real, lasting change.

Questions? Contact Breakthrough's amazing facilitator, Joe Samalin.

Take action in your world–and start changing THE world.

Thank you!

Celia Bobrowsky
Peter DiCaprio
Breakthrough Catalysts

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