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Monday, April 27, 2015




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In my English 101 Composition class, students have to write an argument essay.  The alternate assignment is to write a letter, arguing that a relative or friend should stop a self-destructive behavior.  I created the alternate to demonstrate to students how the literary skill of argument has a practical application which can save someone’s life.

In this letter, JC, argues with a friend who is the victim of child abuse. The names have been abbreviated to protect their identities.  JC agreed to share her letter in hopes that it would help a variety of abuse victims (from children to adults) and be a model for concerned loved ones who want to be supportive, yet firm in encouraging them to leave. –Professor Marcia McNair   

Thursday, April 23, 2015


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4/30 AT 6:30

Despite being part of a culture in which a video of fraternity brothers chanting “No means yes” goes viral, an increasing number of students who have been sexually assaulted on campus are coming forward about their experiences.  In fact, it is student survivors who have ignited a national movement to tackle both the epidemic of sexual assault on campus and the well-documented lack of effective response from the colleges and universities they hoped would support them.
Join us for a discussion with survivor-activists, thought leaders, and advocates about the current state of campus sexual assault and what can be done about it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Women are Expected to Make the Right Decisions All the Time: The Double Standards Surrounding Personal Safety

by Gillian Sobocinski

      A double standard that I have observed is that women often worry, and are told by others that they should worry, a great deal about their own safety, whether when going on a date with someone for the first time or just doing things in public on their own, such as walking alone at night. Men do not have to worry or think about this as much. Though everyone should of course be concerned for and conscious of his or her own safety, men do not seem to have to think so much or be so pressured about this.
            I remember when the mom of one of my ex-boyfriends sent me a chain e-mail back when we were dating that was about a woman being taken captive by a man while getting into her car in a parking lot at night. The e-mail urged women to always be vigilant of their surroundings, walk to their cars quickly, and leave as soon as they got into the car so that they would not be attacked. As with many instances of sexism that occur in our society, I think that the sexism in this e-mail is hidden. At first it seems perfectly helpful and informative, and I knew that my ex-boyfriend’s mom was sending it to me because she cared for my safety. But though the e-mail can be taken this way, it also hints at a larger issue, which is that women are expected to be able to make the right decisions all the time in terms of calculating risk. Ignoring the fact that risk calculation can be impossible to get right sometimes because we cannot predict the future, if something terrible happens to a woman she is often blamed for what has happened to her. This is indicative of the problems of rape culture, which blames women for the violence that is committed against them instead of treating them as victims and focusing attention on the people who have committed the violence. A good example to illustrate this point is that if someone were to be hit by a car while walking along the street, most people would not blame the person who was hit for the incident. So why should we blame a woman who is raped?
            This idea can be transferred to a situation such as a woman walking to her car, or being on campus at her school, alone at night. Everyone should be aware of their surroundings, but the pressure on women to constantly make exactly the right predictions and choices is crazy, and it is also crazy that women have to be afraid to be in public by themselves. I should not have to be afraid to take night classes at my school. We can help to change this double standard by thinking differently about women who are victims, remembering that they are in no way responsible for the actions committed against them. We should also remember that, though everyone has a level of responsibility for their own safety, the responsibility that women are forced to take on for themselves can be highly overwhelming. Instead of focusing on women in regards to this issue, we should be focusing on the men who harass or attack them. We should acknowledge that we are living in a rape culture and that we must hold the attackers within this culture accountable for the crimes that they commit. I also think that the police and public safety officials at schools should take harassment more seriously and should be doing all that they can to prevent it. This includes online harassment, which police officers seem to dismiss, but which causes the women who experience it a great amount of anxiety and stress. If we can focus more of our energies on changing our culture in which harassment and violence against women is allowed, then we can get rid of this double standard and help women not be afraid to exist in the world on their own, as all people should be able to feel.

Monday, April 20, 2015


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From the article:

"This week I will be sexually harassed on the job, and like many women in the Las Vegas service industry, I will count my tips at the end of my shift and decide that it is worth it"

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Thursday | April 16 | 7 PM
South Sudan: A Slow Liberation
South Sudan’s first years as an independent country have been marred by violence between youth armies and insurgents apparently organized around ethnicity, or ‘tribes’. But the roots of that violence lie in a big story of racial oppression and capitalist incorporation spreading back over two centuries. This book tries to explain what happened from a local perspective, based on hundreds of interviews in Jonglei state, South Sudan’s remotest and most mutinous periphery of South Sudan.
Friday | April 17 | 12 PM
Trans Knitting And Fiber Arts Group
This is a group open to any and all types of trans, genderqueer and fiber art experience. Come out to knit, crochet, embroider, and felt. To learn from one another and experience community through craft and conversation. Bring your own materials and we’ll go from there!
Friday | April 17 | 7 PM
Lost Boi NYC Release with Sassafras Lowrey
NYC release of Sassafras Lowrey’s gorgeously subversive queer punk novel reimagines the classic Peter Pan story. Prepare to be swept overboard into a world of orphaned, abandoned, and runaway bois who have sworn allegiance and service to Pan, the fearless leader of Neverland, and to the newly corrupted Mommy Wendi. Pan’s best boi Tootles narrates this tale of the lost bois who call the Neverland squat home, creating their own idea of family, united in their allegiance to Pan, the boi who cannot be broken, and in their refusal to join ranks with Hook and the gentrifying Pirates. Like a fever-pitched dream, Lost Boi situates a children’s fantasy within a transgressive alternative reality, chronicling the lost bois’ search for belonging and purpose, and their struggle against the biggest foe of all: growing up.
Saturday | April 18 | 7 :30 PM
25 Revolting Years of AK Press!
The AK Press collective has been publishing and distributing essential radical books for a quarter of a century, and you’re invited to celebrate with us. Come hear a few words from people who have been involved in the project (we’ll keep it brief!), browse some of AK’s best books, and join us in a toast to the next 25 years.
Sunday | April 19 | 1 PM
Feminist Discussion of Masculinity
The Forum for Feminist Discussion of Masculinity is a safe space to discuss the gendered expectations placed on men and boys in a patriarchal society, and how these have affected, and continue to affect, all of us. The forum is open to all, inclusive of gender and level of knowledge of the subject matter. This month’s theme is ‘positive masculinity’.
Sunday | April 19 | 4 PM
Dyke Knitting Circle
Come in & knit, make new friends drink some tea, and learn a craft at a self-help and member-led group. The Dyke Knitting Circle is open to all levels of queer experience and all levels of knitting proficiency. Bring yarn and needles. Join us any third Sunday of the month!
Sunday | April 19 | 7 PM
Intersectionality of the World: An evening with Mala Kumar and The Paths of Marriage
Come join Mala for readings from The Paths of Marriage, Q&As, and a discussion of LGBT rights in international development. The Paths of Marriage follows three generations of Indian and Indian-American women, covering issues of gender equality, marital and LGBTQ rights. More information at”
Monday | April 20 | 7 PM
APOCALYPSE BABY NYC Release with Virginie Despentes
Virginie Despentes (King Kong Theory, Baise Moi), reads from her award-winning novel APOCALYPSE BABY (Feminist Press April 2015). France’s most notorious feminist writer gives us Apocalypse Baby, a raucous road trip in which two mismatched private investigators–the Hyena, a mysterious and ruthless vigilante, and Lucie, an apathetic and resentful slacker–cruise the streets of Paris and Barcelona in search of a missing girl. The duo questions a cast of unsavory characters, exposing lust, violence, greed, and disillusionment, and the corruption of contemporary youth culture. As their desperate search unfolds, we careen toward a conclusion no one could have anticipated.
Tuesday | April 21 | 9: 30 AM
Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga is also called the Yoga of Awareness. It combines the physical practice of Asanas with Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation/Chanting – it targets the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness and consciousness, strength and flexibility. Everybody is welcome, no previous knowledge of Yoga is necessary. Please bring a Yoga mat and possibly a blanket and a shawl. Shortly after she moved to New York, from her native Switzerland in 1988, Ursula Scherrer  started exploring different styles of Yoga for her own spiritual and physical well being before she did her first teacher training in 2002 and has been teaching ever since. In addition to her skills and expertise as a Yoga teacher (Hatha and Kundalini Yoga) she is also a Pranayama Healer and certified Qi Gong instructor. For more information please contact Ursula Scherrer:
Tuesday | April 21 | 7 PM
NERD GRRRL Series: Women in the Healing Arts
The Nerd Grrrl Series returns to Bluestockings! Curated by Papercut Press, this installment of Nerd Grrrl features women in the healing arts. Our panelists will share stories about their experiences working in the world of healing—including yoga, energy healing, astrology, tarot, shamanism, polarity and pranic healing, and bodywork. Panelists include Chani Nicholas, Kathe Izzo, Heather Principe, and a few others. Nerd Grrrl Series: Women in the Healing Arts kicks off a monthly event that will run through August. Future topics to be announced soon!
Wednesday | April 22 | 7 PM
1965-2015 Fifty Years of Struggle and Revolution: April 17 1965 First National US protest against the Vietnam War
What can we learn, fifty years later? What forces ended the war in Vietnam? How did the war emerge from the Civil Rights struggle and radicalize a generation? Why and how were the Black masses in the vanguard of the fight against the war? News and Letters Committees invites all to a study/discussion on the anti- war movement, and how the movement connected imperialist war, racism, and corporate liberalism.
Thursday | April 23 | 7 PM
What Can I Ask by Elana Dykewomon with Irena Klepfisz
Join Elana Dykewomon and Irena Klpefisz for a Sunday afternoon of poetry celebrating the release of What Can I Ask: New and Selected Poems by Elana Dykewomon.
Friday | April 24 | 7 PM
Reading: The Ring of Fire Anthology, Zine Collection with ET Russian
ET Russian’s new book, The Ring of Fire Anthology, is a zine collection of comics, poetry, essays and interviews on themes of disability justice, sex, race and gender, healthcare, trauma and healing. The Seattle-based author will give an illustrated reading from the anthology including comics, poetry, essay excerpts, and propaganda art. “If ever you’ve needed stories, art, poetry, and bad-ass rabble-rousing that connect disability and queerness, sexiness and radical anti-capitalist politics, look no further. ET Russian’s vivid work lives and breathes these connections.
Saturday | April 25 | 7 PM
Trip to the East, Reading with Hungarian Writer Noémi Kiss
In Conversation with Cultural Critic, Louise O. Vasvári
Join author Noémi Kiss in discussion with Louis O. Vasvari in a discussion of their artistic work.  Noemi’s intimate prose explores and her travels to the unknown parts of Eastern Europe, places of nightmares and intense human soul.
Monday | April 27 | 7 PM
Meet Me Halfway Book Tour
Meet Me Halfway is a collection of nine interconnected short stories about race and racism in hyper-segregated Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The book is a collection of stories that is meant to encourage dialogue and ultimately help advocate change in America’s most segregated cities. Author Jennifer Morales will read from her book and answer questions from the audience. She will also be available to sign her book for those who are interested.
Tuesday | April 28 | 9 :30 AM
Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga is also called the Yoga of Awareness. It combines the physical practice of Asanas with Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation/Chanting – it targets the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness and consciousness, strength and flexibility. Everybody is welcome, no previous knowledge of Yoga is necessary. Please bring a Yoga mat and possibly a blanket and a shawl. Shortly after she moved to New York, from her native Switzerland in 1988, Ursula Scherrer  started exploring different styles of Yoga for her own spiritual and physical well being before she did her first teacher training in 2002 and has been teaching ever since. In addition to her skills and expertise as a Yoga teacher (Hatha and Kundalini Yoga) she is also a Pranayama Healer and certified Qi Gong instructor. For more information please contact Ursula Scherrer:
Tuesday | April 28 | 7 PM
Women’s / Trans’ Poetry Jam & Open Mike
With Christine Hamm and Jackie Torres
Christine Hamm’s poetry explores violence, dreams and the space inside contemporary women where those two experiences overlap. Jackie Torres writes about racial identity and her own Afro-Latina identity as well as how that identity ties into feminist ideals and visions. She also writes a lot about American hypocrisy/privilege/attitude; otherwise her poetry describes her misadventures as a young and angsty artist of color. This series, started in 1999, is hosted by Vittoria repetto -the hardest working guinea butch dyke poet on the lower east side.
Wednesday | April 29 | 7 PM
CHANGERS BOOK 2: ORYON Release Party with T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper, and Special Guests Kate Bornstein and Saeed Jones
Join authors T Cooper, Allison Glock-Cooper, and special guest Kate Bornstein to celebrate the release of Changers Book Two: Oryon, the second release in the four-book, young adult Changers Series that Publishers Weekly describes as “a thought-provoking exploration of identity, gender, and sexuality.” The Changers Series asks the question, “What if every year of high school you woke up as somebody else?
Thursday | April 30 | 7 PM
Best Sex Writing 2015 Salon
Jon Pressick and tri-state area contributors, possibly including Jiz Lee, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Mollena Williams, Stoya, David Henry Sterry, Lux Alptram, Cory Silverberg, Tina Horn and Dee Behind will read from their essays in best Sex Writing 2015 and there will be an informal question and answer session. Best Sex Writing of the Year skillfully traverses the spectrum of the contemporary sexual landscape. Always thought provoking, these passionate yet incisive essays boldly confront the controversies surrounding our most deeply held assumptions about sexuality. From an argument for celibacy to documentation of the most outlandish sexual fetishes, Best Sex Writing of the Year presents the true face of contemporary sexuality, one that is edgy, honest, and always changing.
Learn more about Bluestockings HERE.  


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Bertila and Rachel

Franchesa and Rachel

Christie, Rachel, Kat, and Simone

Rachel and Sara

Hollis, Rachel, and Patrick

When Silence Is Not An Option: AWWP Writers Inspire at Nassau Community College in New York

"On March 9th, AWWP writers Marzia and Mahnaz spoke to students at Nassau Community College as part of NCC’s Women’s History Month program. They wowed the crowd with their writings and their remarks regarding the status of Afghan women as well as their hopes for the future.
As part of the program, student and professor volunteers read AWWP essays and poems.  In a wonderful four-minute radio segment produced by Mahnaz herself, hear portions of Roya’s 'Remembering Fifteen' and Basira’s 'Tahera’s Story.'  You can also hear Marzia reading from her own poem 'Listen to Me.'"

Friday, April 10, 2015


FALL 2015




Women’s Studies is for everybody.
Try one for yourself.

For more info, contact

Thursday, April 9, 2015


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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Homage to Beautiful Me by Angela Graci

All women have multiple
and those who judge are simply jerks
I look in the mirror and see
beautiful me
while others look and see what they want to see
I behold these
beautiful blue eyes
right above the mouth that tells no lies
Although people
always have something to say
everyone is different in their own way
All that
matters is what’s in your heart

That is the most beautiful part