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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"11 Things You Should Never Say to a Black Girl" by Dara Adeeyo

My friend sent me the link to this article and I was shocked by the title and the content.  

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Black Girl 

Are there really things one should avoid saying to a Black woman?  Racial sensitivity is important but I think this line of commentary is taking it a little too far? However, are there things one should not say to Asian, Indian, or Caucasian women?  

What do you think? 

"Half the Sky" from Professor Sara Hosey

Check out the companion website to Nick Kristof and Sheryl Wudun's book Half the Sky:

Kristof and Wudun address some of the challenges facing women globally, as well as some creative and effective ways to promoting female empowerment. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013


Is everyone on Pinterest?

If not, sign up ASAP! I will share photos and thoughts to make you think, smile, and maybe even stay tuned!  


Friday, November 22, 2013

"Homage to My Scars" by Professor Marcia McNair

My scars are called disfiguring
and would be if
I were mere figure,
But I am phantom, angel and light!
My scars symbolize how I took flight
When death chased me
And failed to erase me.
And ten years later, a second scar that is
So close to the other
Celebrates that I am now called mother.
One scar meant life for a baby,
And the other meant life for me.
My scars--gnarled tree branches grown into the length of my belly, 
And I am tree.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Homage to My Height" by Gabrielle Cohen

I am small,
I am almost 20, yet I am only 4’11”.
My height always bothered me as a kid, but when I got older it became a benefit.
I got to be a flyer on cheerleading,
I wore the highest heals out of my friends.
My friends say I am fun-sized,
I love my height now.
I embrace what I am.
I am not short; I am petite.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Homage to my Stretch Marks" by Elizabeth Sime

Yes, I lost 100 pounds…
Underneath these form fitting clothes are the marks of a Tigress
You may look at them as Scars, But I love them…..
MY Stretch Marks are MY trophies….
They are MY memories
I wear MY Stretch Marks Proud
They will always remind me of the birth of MY first child
I have gained weight, lost it and MY Stretch Marks still stick around
I wear MY Stretch Marks Proud
Proud of my accomplishments
Never ashamed of MY Stretch Marks
Never ashamed of ME 
I wear MY Stretch Marks Proud.

"My Abortion" by Meaghan Winter

Check out this moving and illuminating article: My Abortion

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Homage to my Legs" by Toniann DeFrancesco

Homage to my Legs
My legs are small
They don’t work as well as they should
They aren’t as strong as I want them to be
It’s ok though
They get me where I need to go
I’m lucky that my legs work as well as they do
Therapy helps to make them stronger

Every day they get a little better.

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Homage to my Curves" by Kathleen Bell

I struggled at the gym to keep my
curves nice and firm.
To fear not being twenty years of age,
grimaced with pain being middle age,
I have satisfaction and gain.
My curves do not like to be held back and
kept in place they need freedom and space.
Accepting my curves within this space is
what keeps a smile on my face

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"My breasts are my homage" by Allison Peart

My breasts are my homage. 
My breasts are firm and soft to the touch, 
Sometimes I am without comfort because they are too much.  
I close my eyes and wonder,
what men think when their hands slips under.
Do they know my breasts are more than something men keep handy? 
They’re organic milk for newborns when they get hungry. 
My breasts serve as a comfort and warmth to a baby, 
I keep them covered like a lady. 
They are not just meant for men's eye candy. 
There are two of them and quite close to the heart, 
The breasts are a multipurpose body part.  
The most important function people often forget that they are more than just for touch , display or excitement, 
They are meant for the newborn's nutritional development. 
I stand proud knowing that my homage is my breasts

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Homage to my Doughy Physique" by Bettina Quadri

I am quite gelatinous 
and also quite happy. 
Losing seventy pounds 
has made me quite flappy.   
My jelly belly shows 
my determination, discipline. 
Strengthening my muscles 
underneath my sagging skin.    
So when you see me in a bathing suit,  
Be kind, don’t shriek,  
For I am in love,  
With my doughy physique.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Homage to My Hair" by Brittany Fulton

I love my natural curls.  However, my natural curls may not be appealing to many because they don't drape down my back or swing from side to side. 
Nevertheless, I love my natural curls because they spiral from the root and coils loose or tight 
Yet my natural curls require so much of my time. 
Yet I embrace my natural curls, for my natural curls is who I am and complete my style. 
My natural curls maybe difficult to control and require many different hair products to assemble 
Yet, I love my natural curls because they complete my ensemble 
My long natural curls work for me, and I embrace its twirls 
No fizz, no fuss just a big puff of naturally curly swirls 
Yet, it takes patience and time to bring on that defined curly style and bouncy shine. 
Nevertheless, my natural curls are so much fun and I’m proud of them all the time!

WST 101 Poem Discussion by Prof. Marcia L. McNair

I think what makes Women's Studies different from other disciplines is that it is personally, as well as socially, transformative. Students are called upon not only to understand feminist perspectives, but to use this information as a form of empowerment. Thus, the concept of intertextuality is at the heart of how I teach Women's Studies and is especially conducive to the online learning environment.  Students are encouraged to see the overlap between their readings and their own personal and cultural backgrounds, creating texts which reflect their new knowledge. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

NCC Women's Studies faculty at the National Women's Studies Association in Cincinnati

NCC Women's Studies faculty at the National Women's Studies Association in Cincinnati. Diana Milillo, Sara Hosey, Florence Dee Boodakian, and Stella Apostolidis talked about the Children's Greenhouse at NCC and how child care is an important feminist issue.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

LIGT: Episode One: Welcome to Long Island Girl Talk!

As the Women Studies Instructor for Long Island Girl Talk, I thought I would share our first episode.

Looking forward to your thoughts!!!

Check Out: LIGT Episode One

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Professor Ines Shaw Thoughts on The WST Feminist

“The blog definitely brings an updated version of women's studies that we, pre-third wavers, pre-generation X, pre-Millenials/generation Y, and pre-newest generation Z/New Silent generation, had been maintaining as much as we tried to understand and acknowledge the strengths of young(er) feminists.

Although Lisa Jervis, co-founder of Bitch, thinks we have reached the end of the usefulness of wave terminology and that the generational divide is an illusion (as she says in an Ms. magazine article), I think there are differences.”


Women & Advertisement

Today, I walked into Grand Central and I witnessed this display. Thoughts?

"Why I Love Women's Studies at NCC" by Sara Hosey

Those of us who teach Women’s Studies are often very aware of the ways in which our discipline can be personally “transformational.”  Many of us have experienced that “aha!” moment ourselves, that moment when we felt that we had finally found our community, that we had found a way of looking at the world that made sense to us, that we had found a language with which to speak about our experiences.
I was at a meeting of the Women Student's Association last week and we were all reviewing our calendars, trying to schedule an event at a time that wouldn’t conflict with too many members’ schedules.  When I asked one member about a possible conflict she announced, “It doesn’t matter.  This is the only thing I care about.”