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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Sexual Harassment Education Subcommittee Of the Academic Senate Affirmative Action Committee Phone Numbers and Locations

Equity Inclusion and Affirmative Action/ADA 504 Officer
Craig Wright, Associate Vice President       

Designated Investigative Officer (DIO)
Ann Muth                
365 Rice Circle           

Sexual Harassment is NOT TOLERATED at Nassau Community College

According to Federal guidelines, sexual harassment is sexual attention that is serious, offensive, unwanted, and persistent. 

from The Nassau Community College Sexual Harassment Policy: 

Sexual harassment of students or employees is considered unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  This includes workplace and peer to peer harassment.  Sexual harassment subverts the mission of the College and undermines the educational process, creating an atmosphere that is not conducive to learning or productivity. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Woman’s Bill of Rights

Women have the following rights:  
  1. The right to be verbally and physically respected
  2. The right not to be verbally or physically harassed 
  3. The right to decide who touches their body
  4. The right to decide who to communicate with
  5. The right to feel safe and secure at all times 
  6. The right to report any incident that occur
  7. The right not to be silenced 

"Black Beauty" by Natasha M. Nurse

I wanted to share my poem "Black Beauty" that was published in Songs of Seasoned Women.

Black beauty so undefined and misunderstood
Associated with the unknown lost culture of African tales
Depicted as crack heads and whores.
Who knows what black beauty truly is? What makes me?
Stereotyped to have a big butt, ebony skin, and bad weave
But I will tell you what makes me a true beauty.
I could care less what the fool next to you said
I will tell what black beauty is...
It is the stride of a tall chocolate woman,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to Women’s Studies at Nassau Community College!

Welcome to The WST Feminist, a blog designed to provide members of our community a place to share our work as students, scholars, activists, teachers, and thinkers: to begin and continue discussions, to post updates on issues that concern us, and to share ideas and opinions.